About the founder

Anika Kumar is a seventeen-year-old from San Jose, California.  Anika conceived the idea of Forget Me Not after a service experience at a local assisted living facility where she was particularly moved by the rich conversations she had with each of the residents.  After some further work and research, she discovered a myriad of ageism-related issues in her community, specifically social isolation.  Intent on tackling this issue, she met with many geriatricians and experts in the field of elder care which led her to design a telephone companionship program that would become Forget Me Not.  With help from her school and Episcopal Senior Communities, Anika turned her brainchild into a reality. 

Britt Bassoni is the Senior Resources Director of the Santa Clara County at Episcopal Senior Communities.  He is an integral part of many programs catered to older adults, such as Senior Center Without Walls, ElderWISE (a friendly visitor program), Senior Produce Markets, and Shared Housing.