Welcome to Forget Me Not!


Forget Me Not-Friendly Phone Call Program is an intergenerational nonprofit organization based in San Jose, California  intended and designed to reduce instances of isolation, loneliness, and depression among older adults.

Forget Me Not partners socially isolated older adults with compassionate high school volunteers in weekly companionship telephone calls to create meaningful conversations and forge social bonds.


What Is Isolation and How to Combat it

Social isolation is the absence of social relationships.  It is especially prevalent among adults over the age of 65 who live alone and are unable to participate in many activities due to issues regarding transportation, physical impairments, or lack of confidence in their social skills.  This isolation can lead to increased risks of depression, cardiovascular diseases, and feelings of denial, guilt, and self-loathing.

Studies have shown that telephone outreach and support are extremely effective in alleviating feelings of loneliness in isolated older adults.   Isolation can also be combatted by providing older adults with a sense of purpose and a reliable source of social interaction.